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When Paul wrote to the church at Philippi, after greeting all the saints (Christians) he then addressed the overseers (or elders) and the deacons (Philippians 1:1). We are grateful to our Lord that He has blessed our congregation with a spiritual overseer and three faithful deacons.

Mark Richards (left), Wal Cane (middle) and Thomas Noonan (right)

Pastor Troy Cane

Pastor Troy Cane

Troy Cane had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home. At the age of nine, God opened his eyes to his great need for salvation through a Sunday School lesson.

Within a few days of that Sunday School class he knelt next to his bed with his father by his side – it is there he believes God extended His sovereign grace in salvation.

In his late teenage years God began to intensify his spiritual desires – he began to study the Scriptures more seriously, read solid Christian literature and develop a keen interest in preaching.

Throughout his twenties God gave a deep burden for pastoral ministry and within the context of his home church in Brisbane, in January 1997, he was ordained into the ministry.

In 2001 he was sent by his home church to labour in the planting of the Berean Bible Church where he continues to labour full time today. Troy and his wife Jenni, have four children and 2 grandchildren.