2018 Family Conference


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We invite you to join us for the 18th annual Reformed Baptist Family Conference (sponsored by Berean Bible Church and Samford Baptist Church). It promises to be a weekend of spiritual blessing, through the preaching of God’s Word and fellowship of God’s people. We will be honoured to have among us Pastor Bill Hughes (UK) to preach on the theme, ‘Kingdom Parables’

Classes and activities for children (4-12yrs) will run during the morning sessions on Saturday and a crèche (0-3yrs) will operate during each session. A variety of quality Christian books will be available to purchase.

For full details about the Conference programme, fees and registration, download the 2018 Family Conference Brochure (PDF).


The parables of our Lord are far from simple stories; they are profound and sometimes mysterious utterances, full of significance concerning Christ and the gospel. The ‘Kingdom Parables’ are found mainly in Matthew 13, where Jesus teaches us what the Kingdom of God is like and how we can know whether we belong to the Kingdom.

Jesus explains His reasoning for using parables, then begins with the crucial parable of the soils to understand His further teaching. He continues with six more parables revealing great truths of Himself and challenges for His hearers. As the Lord teaches us, will we be hardened and driven further from Christ, or will we find rest for our souls?


Pastor William Hughes was born and raised in Liverpool, England, where he was converted and where he also pastored his first church. He has been in the ministry for nearly fifty years, ministering in England, Scotland and Florida, USA. He now resides in England and continues to have an active preaching ministry.



Registration for the conference can be done in two ways. You can register online, either as a Full Weekend Attendee or Day Visitor by clicking on the appropriate button below.

You can also register by mail, by downloading and printing out the 2018 Conference Brochure. Simply fill it out and mail it to the address supplied in the brochure.


Early Bird Registrations (cheaper rates): CLOSED
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Full Registration Day Visitor Registration 2018 Conference Brochure (PDF)