2018 Baptist Church History Seminar


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This three day seminar will survey the history of God’s working in the establishment, development and spread of Baptist churches, with a particular focus on the period from the 17th century through to today. We will note the historic doctrinal and practical distinctives of Baptist churches and illustrate these from history. After spending some time considering the Anabaptists and the Reformation, we will look at the origins of the modern Baptist movement springing out of the English Separatist churches in the Puritan period. We will particularly note Baptist distinctives as embodied in the influential 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.
We will highlight the work of William Carey and the beginnings of the modern missionary movement that sprang out of the life of the Particular Baptist churches in the 18th century. We will also follow the outstanding preaching and labours of C.H. Spurgeon in the 19th century at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, and examine the ‘Downgrade’ controversy that occupied his later years.
We will also trace out the worldwide spread of Baptist churches over recent centuries and highlight the growing Reformed Baptist movement in the 20th century.
This seminar will seek to establish a framework for ongoing reading and study in Baptist history. We will seek to acquaint the student with some of the key historical events and periods, major figures, beliefs and practices that have characterised Baptist church life and mission over the centuries.


Course Instructor

Rob Harrod has been the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Christchurch since early 2008. Originally from Sydney, Rob studied for the gospel ministry at London Theological Seminary in the UK, and was one of the pastors at Stanmore Baptist Church in Sydney for many years. Rob has been married to Alison for 35 years and they have four adult children and four grandchildren.


Seminar Details

Date: 11th-13th January, 2018
Location: Ipswich Region
(registrants will be advised of address prior to seminar)
Cost: $120.00 (single rate)
$180.00 (married couples rate)
Register by: 21 December, 2017


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